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QHow much is window cleaning likely to cost?

We’re happy to come out to your home and provide you with a detailed quote, which will outline a description of our services. If you’re after an estimate, and the job is straight forward, we can give you a pretty good idea of how much it’s likely to cost over the phone. However, we prefer to visit your home, take the time to know exactly what is likely to be involved in the clean, and then provide you with a detailed written quote.

QDo I need to be home when my windows are being cleaned?

It is totally up to you whether you would prefer to be home or not. Some people are not able to, due to other commitments and we’re happy to close the door behind us, after our final check of all windows. Please feel free to speak with us about a convenient time for you.

QHow often should I have my windows cleaned by a professional window cleaner?

If you’re wondering how often you should have your windows cleaned by a professional, I answer that question in this quick 2 minute video (1 min 58 secs).

QHow much notice do you need?

It depends on the week and time of year. If you’re needing your windows cleaned ASAP, we should be able to help you. We have a team of employees who can assist. If you’re wanting to have your windows cleaned prior to Christmas, we recommend you book weeks in advance.

QCan you give me a receipt/tax invoice?

Yes, we provide all of our customers with a tax invoice regardless of how you choose to pay.

QHow can I pay?

You can make payment via an EFT, Mastercard, Visa Card, bank deposit or cash. We do not accept payment via cheque. We require prior, or on site payment.

QWhen do I have to pay?

On completion of service, please inspect the work carried out as we prefer you to be happy with everything prior to our departure. All work is to be paid for on the day of completion i.e. prior payment or on site payment is required. Payment on the day via cash or Direct Deposit into our bank account can be made. If paying by EFT please provide our team member with a transfer receipt number on site. A receipt will be issued for all work carried out. A tax invoice can be e-mailed to you. Please note, we DO NOT accept cheques. Our quotes are final and there are NO hidden extras for going overtime.

QWhat do I need to do prior to the arrival of Wynnum Manly Window Cleaning?

Although we can manage moving small items of furniture, we would prefer not to. We would also ask that you raise / draw blinds with cords. Blind fittings can become brittle with age and sometimes you may not even realise a blind is broken until you pull the cord. Please also remove any items from off your window sills.
Please don’t worry about moving heavy beds that are below a window. In most cases, we’ll still be able to reach to clean it.

QDo you clean the internal side of glass or only the external side?

We clean both sides of your glass as well as your tracks, frames, sills and ledges, this includes windows on ground level or 2 or 3 storeys high. We will use a water-fed pole system or a pole with washer and squeegee.

QWhat suburbs do you service?

Window cleaning services are available in Brisbane’s bayside including, but not limited to Manly, Lota, Birkdale, Wakerley, Wynnum, Wellington Point, Ransome, Gumdale, Capalaba, Thorneside, Tingalpa, Chandler as well as Ormiston.

QHow long will it take for you to wash the windows in my home?

Please let us know if you’re wanting your windows cleaned in a certain time frame as we can allocate more team members where possible to minimise the amount of time we are in your home. We’ll get your windows cleaned on the same day ensuring we check all windows prior to our departure.

QOther window cleaners have left streaks on my windows, will you do the same thing?

We thoroughly check every window pane prior to our departure and ensure every window is streak free. We have a streak free guarantee.

QDo you clean screens – mine are the security ones?

Yes - we’ll clean these in place. We do not remove these, which could jeopardise the security of your screens. We will ‘plug’ your window to ensure it doesn’t leak and thoroughly scrub the external side of your screen with a solution. We’ll then thoroughly wash your screens, ensuring no water leaks through.
For screens that can be taken out, we’ll scrub them with a solution, rinse them fully, wipe around all frames, dry them and then put them back into place. If your screens have a lot of dust/dirt/grime/animal hair on them, we will use a porcupine washer to remove it (it’s a bit like you would use a lint brush on clothes which have hair on them).

QWhat will happen on the day of my clean?

  1. We will be arrive on time. In the unlikely event we’re running late, we’ll communicate with you so you know.
  2. We’ll introduce ourselves so you know who’ll be in your home.
  3. We’ll remove our shoes whenever we’re in your home.
  4. We’ll ensure we know exactly what you’re wanting cleaned and get stuck in to it.
  5. Prior to our departure, we’ll check every window to ensure our streak free guarantee is upheld
  6. If you’re home, we’ll ask you to check your windows to ensure you’re happy prior to our departure.

QDo I need to contain my pet(s)?

We’re animal lovers. I currently have 2 cats, 3 budgies and fish (the number can vary on any given day!)
We’d prefer your beloved pet(s) be locked away with water and food to ensure they’re kept safe. This will eliminate them from accidentally drinking any of the products we bring along to clean your windows or dirtying any windows that may have already been cleaned.
We’d also ask you to please remove any animal poo from around the perimeter of your home so our team don’t accidentally stand in it, and our hoses don’t get poo on them.

QWill you clean my tracks and screens?

We can provide a quote to ensure you’re happy with the service you receive. If you’d like an “all inclusive” window clean, this will include all frames, fly screens, window tracks and glass. Sometimes, not all tracks need cleaning and not everyone has screens, so we won’t charge for this. You will only be charged for the items you would like cleaned.

QHow do you clean my window tracks?

We are so thorough in cleaning your tracks that we’ll even use a thick shake straw to remove all the debris, dirt, insects and other 'nasties' that have found their way there. Tracks are brushed using a special long bristle brush to get deep in the track and vacuumed of heavy debris. We'll then wipe out your tracks. If needed, we’ll even use a paddle pop stick to finish off the job.

QI want my windows cleaned regularly, can you remind me?

We sure can. Many of our customers have asked us to remind them when their windows are due for a clean. Of course, if they start to ‘annoy’ you because they’ve gotten dirty sooner than you’ve anticipated, we can come earlier than scheduled.
Our business customers have their windows cleaned more frequently than our home customers do.

QDo I have to get all of my windows cleaned? I only want the windows facing the water to be cleaned – can you do that?

We sure can. We do have a minimum charge, but we can consider lowering this depending on the location, frequency of the clean, and amount of glass to be cleaned.