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"Simone I give you five star for service. Your attention to detail and the whole job could only be described as excellence in all aspects. Your delivery from the friendly, accommodating staff to the final result has been so appreciated. Our windows look like new glass and the casements and tracks spotless. I had not realized that hiring window cleaners could be such an inspired and feel good experience. I certainly will be recommending and rehiring Simone and her expert, professional team. My sixteen year old grand-daughter commented on how pleasant and really lovely Simone and her staff were and really nice to meet them as they made everything like so clear and clean."Julia, Manly West (Email 15th October 2016)

"It is so good to be supporting a local business such as yours and actually I got your company's name after seeing your business card under the office door a few weeks ago. I have been thinking of having my windows cleaned for sometime but until I saw your card I didn't really think seriously of having them done. Bob said you all put in a great effort on such a warm day. I am very very impressed with the job as a whole and found your team very friendly, professional and efficient. I just love the cleanliness of the windows and the screens and have been going around the house checking all the windows and admiring how great they look, all nice and clean now. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You. I will be recommending your company to my family and friends with pleasure. Please also pass on my thanks and appreciation to your team for a job well done."Trisha - Manly West

"Thank you for a wonderful, professional and caring service. Attention to detail and a warm friendly demeanour make you a stand out, along with the amazing job you did with my windows and tracks. Thank you also for the small gift I received to help me keep my windows looking good. I have been singing your praises to everyone I know."Katrina - Manly West

"Thanks Simone. You both did a fantastic job, I am so happy with the work you did - thanks again!!"Susannah - Manly

"You have done a great job of the windows. We'll definitely be recommending your company to our friends."Leanne - Manly West

"Well what a beautiful result. I'm wrapped in the job you girls did today and I must say it's been a pleasure to deal with you from start to finish. Thank you for your professional service and friendly, caring approach."Katrina - Manly West

"Love my windows, thank you, thank you! Not only were you efficient at my windows and mirrors, but very thorough and take great pride in the given task."Lisa - Wynnum

"Thanks so much for doing my windows. My husband is very impressed with your work and how good the windows look. I have to say that I''m amazed at how well they have scrubbed up too! Feels really great having clean windows - thank you."Heidi - Wellington Point

"The Pool glass looks awesome. A very huge thank you! It was amazing to come home and look out the back and see straight throught the glass. It is just lovely. The glass table has come up a real treat too. So nice to have that sticker finally gone!"Leanne - Wakerley

"Thank you Simone. The windows look fantastic."Kay - Wakerley

"Moving out of my place there was heaps to do. Having Simone come and clean my windows and mirrors not only took a weight off my shoulders but she cleaned these to a level I simply would not have been able to achieve. Thanks Simone!"Natalie - Hope Island

"Hi Simone WOW! I have had my windows cleaned by many different companies over the years however, you have on your own, out shined all of them, thank you. I will definitely recommend you. Thanks so much."Sandie - Wellington Point

"The windows look fantastic. The girls will be delighted on Monday. Great job. Thank you so much. If you have any business cards would you mind bringing them in so I can put them up in the foyer and share with our families."Kath, Business Owner of a childcare centre - Wellington Point

"The clean was really great - we no longer look like we work in an uncared for office. Three months time for the next clean would be good."Sandra - Birkdale

"Thank you so much for the great job you did cleaning my windows. They look fantastic. My home felt really good afterwards. I am so impressed with your work, please book me in for 6 months time. This is going to be my twice a year treat."Barbara - Mansfield

"The windows are the cleanest they have ever been. Thank you."Sandie, Business Owner - Birkdale

"Wynnum Manly Window Cleaning provide an excellent service. My windows are gleaming; my tracks are spotless, Thanks Simone great job."Carol - Victoria

"The guys did a great job today. I'd recommend them to friends and neighbours!"Rachael - Manly

"I did not get home until just before 10am Friday so was unable to see the brilliance until yesterday :0) I have told oodles of people how amazing you guys are. Thank you once again."Carole - Manly

"Ohemmgeee the windows look spectacular!!!!! And that pool fence WOW! You guy's are perfectionists with a capital P. Thank you so much."Jo - Wynnum

"Hey Simone the windows seem great. Can you book me in for another window clean as close to Christmas as possible please."Jacqui - Wynnum

"Your team did a good job - I'm happy."Dave - Manly

"Hi Simone - Thank you Thank you it was wonderful; truly looks amazing."Lorraine, local business - Wynnum

"Thank you so much Simone. It looks really great. Thank you so much."Cafe owner - Wynnum

"They (the windows) look great. She (my boss) was overwhelmed and told me I wasn't allowed to touch the windows - they look so good!!!"An employee - Capalaba South

"I must say they did a lovely job."Dianne - Wellington Point

"At a quick glance when we arrived home - Our windows did look amazing and shiny and our home felt clean!!! Overall having nice clean windows is amazing!! Thank you for going the extra mile Simone. I would not hesitate to recommend you."Leigh - Wishart

"Hi Simone - Very happy! The screens in the bathroom look incredible - they were so disgusting before and it's nice to know that we won't be breathing air through those grimy screens."Resident - Thorneside

"The windows look fabulous. Lovely job."Lisa - Wynnum

"Simone is very passionate and cleans my IGA windows fortnightly. She does an awesome job and will always ask before removing items that she is not sure on or staff have stuck to the windows. The front of our store has never looked cleaner. Thanks Simone."Alan, Business Owner - Manly

"Thank you, the windows look stunning! It does make a difference so we will definitely book in again at the 6 month mark." Jackie, South Passage-Adventure Under Sail! Queensland's Tall Ship - Manly

"It all looks great so thank you very much!!"Roslyn - Wynnum West

"The Windows look fantastic - thanks! Thanks for the cleaning cloth also."Leah - Tingalpa

"Thank you Simone and Tiah. Wonderful job - windows looks great. Would highly recommend your business to anyone. Very prompt and professional service. Thank you so much for an amazing job - even my neighbour commented on how good the windows looked. " Lyn - Manly West

"I can see out of the windows now. Very happy. Thanks." Adriana - Belmont

"Thank you for doing such a great job." Mel - Wynnum

"The team lead by Simone are fantastic, each dedicated to delivering a great customer experience both in liaison prior and completion of work. Very happy to recommend them for their work." Monika - Manly

"Christmas has come early with excellent service from Wynnum Manly Window Cleaning!! #wellworthit #spoilyourself #superclean"Robyn - Manly

"Thank you for a job well done. Everything was good and I will be recommending you again."Ruth - Wynnum West

"Your team member was very polite and did a great job on the windows."John - Manly

"Great job."Robby - Manly

"Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did with our windows, screens, runners etc. You are amazing, and thank you for blessing us by working so diligently and positively."Trudi - Manly West

"Thanks, you and your assistant did a wonderful job, my windows look beautiful and new again and I'll certainly be calling you when they next need a clean."Lyn - Thornlands

"It was almost dark when I got home yesterday so I didn't get to have a good look at the windows but looking at them all this morning I just want to tell you that they look fantastic. You and your team have done a fabulous job so thank you to you all. We are absolutely delighted with them and won't hesitate to recommend you to others."Karen and Garry - Thornlands

"Fantastic job thank you Simone & team! Our home is so much nicer to be in now! Much appreciated thanks again - Awesome result after all your hard work! "Helen - Manly West.

"Great job. "Paul - Gumdale.

"I am really pleased with the job you did. It looks fantastic!  Thank you for your very thoughtful gift and your wonderful job cleaning the windows here. The cloth will come in very handy!"Bianca - Manager - Manly.

"Simone did a wonderful job. I have just purchased a new house which was left very dirty from previous owners. Simone and Tiah spent 6 hours on Saturday going over every inch of the Windows, tracks and screens. They look like new windows now. They were very professional and a pleasure to have in our new home. I will definitely be having them back. "Lynn - Manly West.

"We are really happy with the overall result. "Erin - Manly West.

"I am extremely impressed with the job from beginning to end. Simone is reliable and punctual. I will be definitely using her services again. "Kathy - Lota.

"Fruition Tuition Manly has been looking great thanks to Simone's excellent work! She has been cleaning our windows for a year now. Never misses an appointment and always leaves the place looking amazing. She always go the extra mile to making the place look great and is always a pleasure to speak with. Thanks Simone! "Rebecca - Owner - Education Provider.

"Yes, all good. Thanks for being so prompt and efficient. "Rose - Wynnum.

"Thanks very much Simone that was a great experience from start to finish dealing with yourself and the girls. Lovely girls and they've done an excellent job. Very very happy. Big job out of the way. By all means happy for you to make contact in 6 months. I will certainly put a recommendation to others for you also. "Lynley - Tingalpa.

"Thank you for taking care of the windows they look fantastic! Thanks again.....happy days :) "Roger - Lota (30 th May 2016 via email).

"The windows and doors are SO CLEAN that my 2 year old walked into the door this afternoon!! I love love love the job. Thank you so much and thank you for checking in.  "Danielle - Wishart (1 st June 2016 via email).

"I literally bumped into Simone at the service station while refueling. What a stroke of good luck. Having recently relocated home/work I was having some serious window issues. Simone was all over it with her expertise and loveliness. Within days I had a quote and windows cleaned to absolute perfection. So so impressed and happy I'll recommend Simone's Wynnum Manly Window Cleaning to everyone. I'm never cleaning my windows again - they're Simone's !! Thank you gorgeous woman."Maria - Gumdale (Facebook Review 2 nd June 2016).

"I was over at the shop yesterday and they look wonderful.  With all the building works that had been going on down the road they were certainly filthy and are sparkling and lovely now, thank you. "Leanne - Shop Owner - Wynnum (2 nd June 2016 via email).